Horizontal Diverter

The Horizontal Diverter is used to merge and/or sort products such as bread or buns from and any number of conveyors to any conveyors that are within the same horizontal plane.The Diverter was developed to operate more efficiently with less maintenance than the standard horizontal switch.
Product Specs:
Adaptable to a wide range of configurations and widths.
Sorts from single in to multiple lane discharge.
Merges from multiple lanes in to single lane discharge.
Can be custom designed to adapt to any existing
conveyor system.
Available as a stand-alone or fully integrated.
High speed switching without the need for timing devices
or pneumatic components.
Dramatically reduced maintenance costs = increased up-time and reliability.
Can be used for baked products, pans, lids, trays, and cased products.
Exclusive 10-year warranty on switching mechanism.
Competitively priced.

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