T.O.P. Inc.'s mission is to earn the trust and respect of its customers by providing innovative, effective and successful operations solutions. Our goal is to form long-lasting partnerships with each and every customer and to assist our clients in achieving and maintaining a higher level of performance throughout all aspects of their operations. By understanding the needs and goals of our clients, we can systematically analyze the total operations performance to establish and execute winning solutions.

By executing the ASSDAT method (Assessment, Solutions, Selection, Design, Absolute Execution and Training) T.O.P. Inc. will accomplish its mission by performing client services within a framework of ideals, principles and professionalism that foster the highest standards of ethics and quality. T.O.P. Inc. specifically tailors prescriptive and performance based specifications to suit the individual needs of each client.

There are a number of areas where T.O.P. Inc. can provide a positive impact to achieve any goals for your operations. We look for measures relating to the specific business issues and processes unique to each particular plant. The general focus is on cost reduction from an operational standpoint by utilizing innovative, effective and successful operations solutions.

  • Machine and Operator Audit
  • Cost reduction opportunities
  • Production Schedule Management
  • Product line efficiency, GMP, process performance, documentation
  • Installation of new equipment, renovations to existing production lines
  • Inventories, Tracking, and Information
  • Upgrades and retrofits of machinery
  • Construction Management Construction of new facilities and expansions of existing facilities
  • Facility location and logistics
  • Start-up Management
  • Control System Design and Implementation
  • PLC System Design and Programming

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